Take Me Home Tuesday: Til there was Bart

Posted: July 26, 2011 at 6:12 am

Every week we do a Take Me Home Tuesday Feature of one of our adoptable animals. This week we are showcasing a very special feline saint, Black Bart.


Black Bart was a senior stray transferred to SAINTS rescue from the BC SPCA. He is a sweet, quiet, gentle and affection cat that gets along well with other cats and people. He has had a tough life and is grateful to received some love and care in his senior years. He is an overall great cat that would make a great companion to any home.


to adopt Bart email: adopt@saintsrescue.ca
or for more info visit: www.saintsrescue.ca

3 Comments on "Take Me Home Tuesday: Til there was Bart"

  • Emma says

    aaahhh bless. He’s like a male version of that other old black and white female you had years ago called “Lola”.

  • Ashley says

    Oh I love this guy! I wish I could take him!

  • Zoe says

    Bart is SUCH a great cat!!! It’s too bad how he kinda gets looked over for adoptions, cause he isn’t as assertive as some of the other guys. Once you spend a little one on one his wonderful, sweet, thoughtful personality really comes out. He definitely deserves an amazing home!

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