i am going to go crazy guilt shopping for a poor, unwanted, little, old soul.

Posted: September 1, 2011 at 6:51 pm

with meanie sweetie at carol anns and dionnes..it means the door between the kitchen and computer room can be open when i am at home. so i have a whole interested crew who follow me from computer chair to sink to fridge to delivering cherry pits pizza and back to the chair…tess, benny and esther need the extra exercise so it is good!

my funny for the day.

when i came home for lunch the barn crew cheerfully headed in (jelly, june, benny, al and shane)…it was so cute..it was like they were a bunch of happy farm workers finished for the day and heading back to the bunk house for some chow and some well earned R&R….”hey everybody…we are home from work now!”
too cute.

jed had a rough surgery…he is staying in at the vets overnight.
monty is starting back on injectible pain meds.
and there is probably a new extreme senior cat coming in…her story was just too sad to bear.

apparently she originally belonged to someone in the family and for whatever reason she kept getting passed around from one family member home to the next. recently she disappeared from her last one and the home assumed she had gone off to die somewhere and gave all of her stuff away. 10 days later she found her way back again..but it was too late…all of her stuff was gone and they didn’t want to have to buy her more so the family took her and surrendered to the spca cuz they really didn’t want her either anymore.
she is 17 years old.

like i could say no to her, poor thing…her story totally sucks and when she gets here i am buying her a TON of brand new AND really expensive stuff.

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