shitz-head pooh butt crises!!!

Posted: September 18, 2011 at 1:59 pm

poor yoda!! a volunteer noted he was having trouble passing a poop. so i took a closer look. holy smokey, dried pooh butt crises had totally blocked the poor baby up. tammy came over and held him while i shaved out the pooh cement encasing his butt. yoda was so happy to finally be able to empty his bowels that he pooped big and loose right next to my foot….hah! but he didn’t get me!
anyway…he feels so much better and is grateful for the immediate help.

personally if they are going to breed shitz-heads to be hairy and flat faced with buggy eyes..i think they would be far happier if they were also bred with naked butts….outer doggy beauty is obviously not of prime importance any way so why not make the important bits work a bit more freely?

good day…ie….wet muddy doggy day. bear had fun and so did everyone else.

katie (AKA SKATERS) went home to permanent foster care with helga today so giant big and happy yay!!!!!!

tammy moved marvin and granny over to the pen outside the birds. hopefully they will both be happy in there so we can quit moving them around!

i found two huge benny sized pillow beds out in the shop…buddy has claimed one, and big bambi has claimed the second. oh well with big bambi off of the couch, benny is more than happy to be back up there.

everyone is sacked out and snoring…just waiting for the memorial garden crew to make their way back in for the day and then everyone can settle down, dry off and chill out…my favorite part of a sunday!!!

we lost the sick little classy chicken that i had moved to the shop, she died sometime during the night. at least she didn’t have to deal with the other chickens being unkind to her and she was clean, dry, safe and comfortable. and i am glad she had a good and normal chicken life for a while but i will honestly think twice before i take in spent battery hens again….in a year and a half we have lost 6 of them…we only have 5 of them left, that is a lot of death.

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