ok..so pest is pissed.

Posted: December 15, 2011 at 10:05 pm

i went over to check on him and make sure he didn’t feel too lost and alone.

he hissed at me from his cubby hole and told me to f-off.

i suppose he thinks i was intimidated by this. maybe he thinks he is unique in telling me this?

yeah…no…not really.

what i see inside that darkened little hidey hole is a cat whose whole entire world has suddenly turned upside down. and what i know that he doesn’t know is this….his world will probably remain upside down (cuz the chances of a shy and senior him finding a home are pretty damn slim…) BUT..one day living life on his head won’t seem so bad. he will get used to the new view, he will make friends with me while we both stand on our heads…he will eventually find a new balance inside him that he didn’t know that he had.

welcome pest..you will be fine because you do have the power to be ok again..it is sitting there upside down inside of you. i can see it.

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  • Poor old man…he doesn’t know how close he came to meeting his maker 🙂 Pissed is infinitely better than passed!

  • Mo says

    I wonder if we could get an undershirt from his original owner or something that smells like him and then tuck it into his hidey hole..may give him a sense of familiarity that will help him make the transition…

    I remember Corkey..and how hard it was for him when he came in.

  • The white blanket in the bottom of his cage came from his house Mo, should I ask for a piece of clothing?

  • Emma says

    Sounds like a male version of Jenny Two to me. She came to you through similar circumstances.

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