Posted: February 3, 2012 at 12:25 am

i have waited until the middle of the night (i am still slugging away at my laundry) tell you my shameful secret…

mystic 14
carol 0

i know, i know, i day i will learn…and some days i do..but that little hagette literally waits for me to fall asleep and forget and then she munches the freaking thing, first chance she gets….it is pathetic how many times she scores with the remote and wins.

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  • Janet says

    Give up, Carol, Mystic is the winner – you had better stock up on remotes!
    And, don’t forget to vote!

  • Bunny Horne says

    I got an email from BLURB.COM with a promotion… Buy 2 books and get a $20 discount. You need promotion code LEGACY

    I couldn’t locate the new book, The Saints Come Marching In, on their website. I was trying to purchase from your original blog download about the book to see if I could purchase multiple books and get the savings at their checkout, but as I am at work, I was blocked. I will try again when I get home. Apparently I am supposed to be working….who knew.

  • Alison says

    I just got an email from blurb as well – 25% discount with promo code ABOUTYOU
    So if anyone is ordering see which one saves you the most $$

  • Glenda says

    I have been wondering about that….thanks for letting us know, Mystic has charisma and thus gets away with alot, there is nothing you can do about that!

    Being a new visitor to SAINTS website and blog,I so enjoyed seeing all the photos Carol. I am glad and I am sad when I look at them…..why have humans so miserably failed these lovely guys and gals? You sound tired at times and why wouldn’t you be….but please don’t give up. I live in Kamloops or I would be a volunteer with SAINTS.

  • Sheryl says

    Attach the remote to a bungie cord attached to the ceiling so that everytime you let go of it up it would go up – to about the 7 foot level above the floor. Of course, she is a pretty talented remote munching girl, so even that might not work.

  • Barbara says

    I was thinking the same thing as Sheryl–a bungie cord or one of those coiled cords might work. Of course you might have to get out of bed to reach it every tiime you want to change the channel if you’re a channel surfer. Why not just put the remote in a big ziploc bag–the buttons etc should still work–and then paint the outside of the bag with that bitter apple stuff you mentioned in a previous post?

  • Ian and Mary says

    Maybe Carol should get a TV from the 50’s…..when the dial broke (you only got channels 2 to 13 then) you would just use pliers to turn the control to change channels……

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