6th Annual Wishes for Whiskers Charity Dinner & Auction September 15th

Posted: April 6, 2012 at 2:22 pm

The annual gala has been booked at Pitt Meadows Golf and Country Club for the 15th. Just wanted to post that so everyone had lots of time to save that date. We are starting to already think about new ways to entertain the crowd.

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  • lynne says

    sounds good, i will start saving my money for sponsorships or whatever you will have planned. bambi enjoyed her visit to saints but was happy to come home she is settled down on her doggy bed in front of the fireplace, after a nice walk on the dyck. see the sat crew tomorrow.

  • Shelley says

    Want another video? How about “Behind the Bathroom Door: Glimpses of a Madwoman’s Lair”?

  • Carol says

    hah! or even better….how about one of a lone camera woman suddenly trapped at saints with no escape? you could be me for a year, i would watch that (from the soft and cushy comfort of my new, non chewed on, non clawed up, not peed on couch!) you could call it..”a year in the life of a nut!”

  • Shelley says

    I believe you are suggesting some sort of “reality-based” show, which could be streamed live to the internet. I think this could work. We could get sponsors on board such as Depends, Javex, or Febreeze. Possibly a drug company that manufactures anti-psychotics or tranquilizers.

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