thank you everyone for the very kind birthday wishes

Posted: May 2, 2012 at 5:55 am

and yes i had a very nice day. it started with the staff bringing a cake and singing happy birthday first thing in the morning..continued on with calls from my kids (i have requested a joint birthday and mom’s day lunch when i am on holidays and not so busy!) to tammy taking me out for a late lunch again. the bed buddies and i watched the CTV news piece and then watched “the iron lady”,,magaret thatcher was a very strong woman..i had never really thought about how difficult her career was in a exclusively male world 30 years ago.

smokey has fully recovered from his seizure activity and everyone else is doing ok right now. i just have these 5 shifts i am starting today and then i have a week of holidays to deal with getting cameras for the barn guys and cleaning the shop (the open house is coming so this time the shop really does need to get done!)

i can’t believe it is may already…another 6-8 weeks and i will be back to whining about no water!

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  • Colin says

    Happy late birthday Carol, I just watched the clip. You look awesome. I hope you had a great day and I really need to get out and bring you a bottle of Baileys.

  • Ann C says

    So glad to hear Smokey is better, did you get the package I left in the office.

  • pollyb says

    Hi i know i ‘am sup to go to events for this but my puter is going in to get a fix soon ‘ it won’t do what i tell it to…so i can’t go to events for some reason ‘ but any ways i would like 2 tickets to the Gala @ pitt meadows Golf club please ‘ sept 15 th ” i can drop off money @ Saints ‘ if this is ok or any where else ? thanks so very much ‘cheers .. PollyB ‘

  • Brent says

    yay Smokes. Glad to hear he is better.

  • Happy Birthday Carol! Please check your fraser health email or have Jen check her hotmail.
    Important email from Mike. (Abbotsford Today)

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