Posted: July 13, 2012 at 2:59 pm

updated animal list…i am doing this off the top of my head so if i forget someone, please remind me to add them in….(hmmm…and i think nicole missed some saints in her count cuz i got 109 on site…not 105.)

dogs…riley, manny, tess, georgia, puff daddy, ed, sam, lea, mystic, jesse, andy, al, mini me, tina, joey, peluchi, maybe, angel, griffin, smokey, ewok, hilda, jerry, jelly, odie, squirt, pepper, jazzy, bambi, shane, esther, buddy, chance.

also please remember the foster dogs cuz we are still responsible for all of their medical care and costs. they include…
big bambi, bear, sugar, papa john, bruiser, yoda, jedi, ootah, molly 3, muffy, suzie, rumple, marie, polly pocket, harold, charley, sweetie pie, angus, jingles, tinkerbell, chilko…(and i am probably forgetting a few????)

cats…morgan, chief, ebony, gabby, cindy, mac, rocky, oliver, rummy, tristie, cocoa, the rock, cliff, mama t, zsu zsu, ollie, maybelle, granny, sidney, marvin, flora, gary, bea, marg, bonnie, desi, rascal, maestro, sage.

foster cats..pat, sam, bobby brown, peter, harry, bart, marshmellow, mia, smarties, katie, squeakers and hymie…????oh who did i forget????

rabbits…danny, amber, stevie, bun jovi, anthony hopkins, bob, tu, o’grady , lincoln, leia, billy, ray and squirty (the little guinea pig) and gracie.

mini pigs… wilbur, teddy, grace..(and onsey and twosey on their way!)

big pigs..charlotte, wills, brad pitt and ellie mae.

goats…pete, gilbert, chewy and doc.

sheep..annie and elizabeth


cows…percy, joy and emily


horses…gideon, czar, dixie, flicka and raven

ducks…floyd, tiny tim, and edwina
chickens/roosters…charley (the crippled bird) jerome, helga, loretta, and three other classy chicks…the cassie’s with various spellings.

27 Comments on "agrrhhh…sigh."

  • suzanne says

    AND ZIGGY!!!!!

  • Carol says

    shit..yes the zigster!…added him.

  • suzanne says

    Both Ziggy and i thank you (picture small curtsey and slight bow) Tee hee! 🙂

  • Helga says

    Do the animals being sponsored for the gala include fosters? If so, add Katie to my list.

  • erin says

    bear says he would LOVE to be invited to the gala! also, i know from personal experience that he loves pasta 🙂 just…yknow…puttin it out there….lol

  • Debra says

    Carol, Squirty, the guinea pig is a female ? Is she a smaller pig or bigger? Social?

  • lynne says

    dont put big bambi on the list, i am taking care of her by myself. save the sponsorships for others.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Carol and Sheila, not sure if we can make it to the Gala this year, we just got an invite to a wedding – gonna try to do some tap dancing….

    BRENT AND I WILL SPONSOR at $25 each:

    PERCY – cow extraordinaire
    EMILY – sweetest kisses ever
    JOY – coming out of her shell these days
    SMOKIE – who stole the treats I left for MOs dogs
    GILBERT – love those goats
    PETE –
    CHEWY – who tried to rip the detailing off one of your contractors trucks
    DOC – what’s in your wallet

    That should be 8. If any of the SAINTS on my list have already been sponsored let me know and I will pick an alternate.

  • lynne says

    oh erin suck it up just because big bambi does not like pasta. give her a big old bowl of just canned dog food she loves that. i have tried pasta no no she is so easy to please. are you goiong in on a table with us or the volunteer table. come on people these are our animals. lets have some response.

  • Alison says

    I’ll chip in on the volunteer table 🙂

  • lynne says

    thanks alison. if we can get 10 people that is 20 a person. not too much for our animals. just let me know and i will arrange it all. anyone else interested in a table for 8. s o far 3, we need 5 more.

  • erin says

    hang on to yourself lynne, lets talk tomm k

  • KO says

    I’m in for the table Lynn. Thanks. And it would be an honour to sponsor Jelly and Floyd.

  • erin says

    ok so im confused….to raise more $$$$ shouldnt we buy single tx then just sit together? then with 8 of us its $480 not 200 per table. do we get all the money from the tx sales? if not then yes lets get together n buy tables instead then sponsor more animals.

  • Chris T says

    Did you forget the fruit loops cats?

  • Carol says

    no…the fruit loops and conan are no longer saints, they are my cats now….deep cats are such champions…(in an apparent moment of great madness following the loss of frodo, i adopted 4 of the worst sprayers in all of the world….great grief will do that to you.)

  • Dionne says

    You forgot Harold, the most handsome & hairiest dog ever. Lynne, I will take two at your table if ok?

  • lynne says

    sounds good dionne and ko so we have 5 so far and i am sure we can get 3 more. i think brenda has already paid so if anyone wants to give their money to me i can write out one cheque.

  • Carol says

    i had harold in…where did he go??? ok i put him back in…argh again!

  • Janice says

    Chilko AKA Fluffy Pants …

  • Fiona says

    I would love to have two tickets for the volunteer table if there is still room? One for me and one for my husband. Will they be $20 each?

    Also Carol, you can take Polly Pocket of your list as we will cover any costs from here on. we also need to get the paperwork done for her adoption and she can come to the gala if you are looking for dogs.

  • Carol says

    lol…how did i forget chilko..i hear about her running shoe/slipper adventures enough that she should be right in the front of my brain!…added her!!!

  • lynne says

    no sorry fiona, if you go in on a volunteer table they are 50 each otherwise they are 60 still interested.

  • Shawn says

    Kevin and I want to come to the gala. I am sending in my money for tickets and for the sponsorship of Riley and Hilda. Can I drop it off or mail it in?

  • Sheila says

    Shawn you can mail to -5570 58a avenue surrey BC v3s 4n8.
    Apparently the green basket that had my name on it isn’t there anymore or it has carol’s name on it. You can though leave the money on the desk in the office in the mp room. Whatever is easiest for you.

  • lynne says

    sorry fiona i think maybe you misunderstood the volunteer table i was talking about is for the volunteers to sponsor a table. the volunteer table you are talking about is 8 people going in for 50 a person, thus saving 10 each. sorry about that.

  • lynne says

    alison, is that the volunteer table for the sponorship or for the 8 people sitting at a table.

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