are you kidding me??????

Posted: July 17, 2012 at 5:44 am

no one has sponsored ellie-mae yet?????

the royal “WEEEE” is VERY upset….(she believes she should have been first.)

it is fine ellie…i am sponsoring you for $100 cuz you are our pink princess!!!

oh and sheila..i will sponsor wilbur for another $100 cuz he is a pretty special pain in the ass princely pig too.

and they both want BIG pictures of themselves at the event!!!
(oh…and can you please maybe photo shop little crowns on their heads?)

sigh…charlotte, wills, teddy and grace are waiting to be sponsored..i just blew all my money so i can’t afford to sponsor them too.

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  • Janice D says

    I’ll sponsor Charlotte & Wills for $25 each. Sheila, please add them to my other 2 little sponsors, Mini Me & Peluchi 🙂

  • Ann C says

    I’ll sponsor the piggies in my grandkids names Nick & April Bond for $200.00

  • Carol says

    yay janice and ann!!!
    ann your grandkids can have ted and grace AND the soon to be born babies too..they will for sure be born before the event!

    oh can you call me please..i got another one of those whatever things from mj that has the current mailing list on it.

  • Caylee says

    Alright, sorry to be a bother. If I sponsor Morgan can I donate the money through Canada Helps on this website and just specify that it is for that reason?

  • Caylee says

    That shouldn’t say “if”. I definately am sponsoring her for the gala 🙂

  • Bunny Horne says

    SHEILA – I’ve got 2 Costco Wholesale Executive Memberships for the silent auction. They are valued @ $100 each and include a FREE Spouse Card.

    I also have some high end items from Barking Babies that Carol asked me to hold for the September Gala. I will write up the donation forms for each.

    When is a good time to leave the items at Saints for you to pick up? I don’t want them to get in the way of regular activities and I don’t want them to get lost.

    HELGA – any chance Brent and I can drop off garage sale items left from the yard sale last week at your home before we start our Sunday shift at Saints? We have a function we have to go to in the afternoon back in Vancouver so I don’t want us to be rushed. If yes, email me your address and a suitable time on Sunday morning.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Carol is there a short list yet of who is left to be sponsored?

  • Doreen from Maple Ridge says

    I will be donating a $50.00 timmy card and mug for the gala silent auction. I have mentioned this to Sheila. When do you want me to get this to Saints? Just let me know I can drop it off at Saints anytime on my way to abbotsford one weekend.

  • lynne says

    i was wondering when you would notice about ellie lol

  • Meghann says

    I will sponsor Gabby and the new little guinea pig.

  • Helga says

    Bunny, I sent you an e-mail with my address

  • sheila says

    I am going to come down on Sunday to SAINTS and so if everyone can leave their silent auction items on the desk in the MP room and any checks or money in the office on that desk. Apparently the green tray with my name on may not be there anymore.

    Caylee I don’t have access to Canada Help so won’t be able to confirm your payment. Can you please use Paypal and leave a note in the dropdown window that allows you to leave a note.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Is ED, PUFF DADDY or ANDY sponsored yet.

    Who’s left in the barn – Annie & Elizabeth?

    Is Tiny Tim sponsored yet?

    I have a coworker’s cheque for $30 and I would like to put it towards sponsorship.

  • Caylee says

    Yes, thank you Sheila

  • Penny says

    C’mon guys – doesn’t anyone but me want to sponsor any of the bunnies???!!! And what about Carl – has anyone picked him, yet? (O.K. I know he’s pretty miserable, but he is a “character”!)

  • Penny says

    O.K. – sorry. I see someone is sponsoring Carl!

  • Bunny Horne says

    Carl got picked a while ago. He went early.

  • michelle says

    Hi Sheila, I have a couple of gift certificates for 2 batches of wine made in our store, valued at l50.00 per batch. I will leave them for you, as well, on the desk at SAINTS. Thanks

  • michelle says

    Hi Sheila, I have a couple of gift certificates for 2 batches of wine made in our store, valued at $150.00 per batch. I will leave them for you, as well, on the desk at SAINTS. Thanks

  • michelle says

    sorry about commenting 2x’s

  • Ashley says

    Hi carol-
    Are you able to sponsor a past saint in memory?
    Like for example if someone wanted to have a memory pic put up of a saint who has passed? Or is it only open to animals currently residing at saints?

  • sheila says

    Hi Ashley, since I will be making up the cards for the SAINTS animals, I will say yes for Carol (I know she won’t mind). I certainly do memory cards of animals that have passed. I know I going to make work for myself but maybe we can do a memorial tree for SAINTS animals that have passed away. That will also include SAINTS foster animals and adopted animals. Bunny, Sheila has been out all day looking for a new car since her old car no longer exsists and I have just returned from Vancouver – okay she is not back yet but I am and I have to make dinner before Raleigh’s agility class. We will get a new list up by tonight. I do know that Ed, Puff and Andy are being sponsored by Shelagh F.

  • leila says

    Oops that last comment was by me, Leila on Sheila’s computer.

  • Maggie says

    Hi Sheila
    Could I add Squeakers and Himi to my sponsors?
    My list now includes:


  • Sheila says

    Done _Maggie

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