Missing Dog on Dykes in Maple Ridge

Posted: July 19, 2012 at 7:25 am

This is Mo here posting under Carol ( cuz I can’t remember passwords & usernames of my own ) some friends of mine have lost their shi tzu while out on the dykes in Maple Ridge. they have a search party out now down the end of park lane ( past MR Equi centre on 132 between 224 & 216 ) take the path on the right across the horse club field down my the water & across the bridge…she is a light tan colour & she is deaf. Please if anyone is out walking their dog..keep your eyes out for her . After my scare with Tina last Sunday..I know what they are feeling & I pray she is found safe & sound.


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  • Jamie says

    Yoda, Jedi & I just got back from the Dyke and didn’t see her. I hope she is home safe & sound by now!

  • Chris T says

    If anyone is able to help us search we would really appreciate the help.

  • Fiona says

    I posted on facebook. Have a few friends who live in Maple Ridge close to MREC.

  • Ashley says

    Carol, can you check your email?! Thanks!

  • Carol says

    praying for ruby’s safe return.

  • lynne says

    nothing yet crap hope she is okay and gets safely returned to you.

  • shelagh f says

    we lost a foster dog in an unfamiliar area to her, and
    she was lost for 6 days. We walked an walked to leave
    our scent around the area, we had another dog she knew
    so that scent helped. We also left a crate, with some
    blankets that she had used and eventually was found
    near the crate area. She was a really skittish dog,
    not deaf like this one, but didn’t think she would
    come to anyone. Don’t give up hope

  • Cheryl K says

    They had Al of Petsearchers come and assist..his dogs lost the scent of Ruby..it is felt she was picked up by someone or taken by a predator..Chris and Deb feel it was worth every penny to have his assistance in trying to locate her…let us hope someone picked her up and will be contacting them..

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