some days….

Posted: September 23, 2012 at 7:18 am

i would like…my life back. just to be able to get out of bed when i feel like it, not because it is about to become grand central station…again. it is a busy and cluttered place here, i can never find silence or solitude. and the necessities of life here sometimes bug me….beds, bowls, brooms, garbage containers, laundry baskets, buckets and mops, rolls of paper towels, floor linens strategically placed everywhere….it clutters my life and closes me in.

somedays i dream of a life where i can walk a straight unwavering line from room to room with no one to see and nothing to do.

realistically i probably would hate it…i probably would feel the waste of my life with nothing really worthwhile to do. look at how often i use the hideaway suite…maybe once a month for a few hours if i am lucky?

still sometimes i do crave a life of quiet, predictable, minimalism..not so much stuff, not so much chaos… not so much worry and fussing about things to do.

the problem of course is i have taken my work home.

and that was not a very bright thing to do.

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