big thx to the christmas morning warriors….

Posted: December 25, 2012 at 1:37 pm

maggie, helga, penny, tammy, ann, jamie, lynn, curt, KO, ali and hubby, brent and bunny…you guys seriously rock!!!

we gave the big dog room guys a new used couch (more big thx brent and ann!!!)….mystic had really trashed the old one.

i pretty much did diddly squat except for meds and baths, not feeling great..halo got her nice warm shower and max and chance are stll drying off.

it is snowing again…hmmmm…..not too keen to be driving into maple ridge for my family xmas dinner tonight if the roads are going to suck.

oh well..for now everyone is settled and comfortable and clean..i have opened and given out the house toys and treats..will do the mp guys before i head out to the barn. in the meantime..i think this xmas afternoon…we are all going to rest/sleep (and hope it stops snowing!!)

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  • lynne says

    hope you are feeling better carol. drive carefully ad have a great christmas with your family.

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