in a fog.

Posted: December 27, 2012 at 6:51 am

i feel crappy…up every two hours to pee cuz of the BP meds..and each freaking time i just had to look some more for that missing ID tag since i was up and it is right at the front of my mind bugging me. i don’t get BP has been down… (122/80 yesterday) so why do i still feel queasy, lightheaded, brainless and foggy? i must have put that friggin thing somewhere..why can’t i remember??
big sigh…it is this constant icky feeling of being hung over and out to lunch which is driving me insane. i have only been hung over once in my entire adult life and i hated the feeling which is why i pretty much never drink…drunk is gross and hangovers suck. i am pissed that even without alcohol, i feel like this…it has to be a side effect of the new meds…ohfreakingyay.

sometime today, i will have to pull my car apart, one thing at a time. that is the only place left that i haven’t ripped fully apart and checked…just did a quick rifle thru. and that tag better be in there or i will have officially lost my freaking foggy mind.

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  • Deb says

    Jacket pockets?
    Up on high things (like the fridge)??

  • Penny says

    Might have been knocked down and slipped underneath something?

  • Mo says

    Check the table in the Shop my minds eye I see it sitting there.

  • sheila says

    On Sunday I think I saw a blue band holding keys on that table in the shop?

  • Mo says

    Ok if the ID turns out to be on the table in the shop.. I seriously need to concentrate on what the winning numbers for the next lotto max are.

    Cuz it is only in my ” minds eye ” that I ‘see’ it sitting there.

  • Barbara says

    Sorry, I can’t help with the ID badge.
    “queasy, lightheaded, brainless and foggy?” Could be a headache-less migraine or maybe you need your electrolytes/UR/CR checked–maybe your sodium is low? Maybe 122/80 was too quick a drop/too low for you right now if your BP has been high for awhile? I hope you feel better soon and that you find your ID badge.

  • jan says

    Inside freezer/fridge? I found Dad’s glasses there after they were missing for weeks.

  • pat barr says

    Try on the hook where you hang the car keys –
    a sensible place to leave them – (not that sensible is a place to be right now)
    how about under the hook that holds your pj ‘s
    in your lunch bag?
    Try dumping out your purse – U might be surprised at what is on the bottom !
    Last guess would be inside the frig –
    been there done it all –
    Good luck

  • Carol says

    thx for all of the suggestions..the ID tag is not in any of those locations but i appreciate your thoughts.
    i suppose whatever happened to it will remain one of those odd unsolved and unexplainable mysteries that just totally pisses me off.
    these things are such a time consuming freaking hassle to replace.

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