my saints wish for 2013

Posted: January 1, 2013 at 6:33 am

i am not going to wish for an easy year cuz i know we aren’t going to get one.
and i won’t waste a wish for a million dollars cuz we won’t see that either.
i will pass on wishing that there are no more homeless sick senior animals needing to get in here..although if i could get that wish, i would wish it for sure!

so guess i will wish that we are up on our feet (and still breathing,) somewhat (barely) cheerfully bitching away at how much rescue sucks when we finally run out of this 2013 year.

and i better get that simple, not so big or greedy wish or i will be totally pissed.

in any case..i have learned to look not too far forward…just take this life one day at a time. i am pretty content with actually waking up, getting thru the day and making it safely to bed at night. that for me is a decent day, and i wish for another 365 of those. a nutshell…dear god please:
grant us whatever it is that we need to somehow make it thru another year and we will be thankful.

8 Comments on "my saints wish for 2013"

  • AnnC says

    Happy New Year everyone and I would like to take this opportunity to say a special great big THANK YOU to all of our anonymous donors,much happiness to you all in 2013.

  • Maggie says

    Happy New Year Carol and to all fellow volunteers and donors! Lucky 13!

  • lynne says


  • Mo says

    happy happy new year everyone !!

  • lynne says

    i wanted to also say that i had done a comment on big bambi on dec 29, when she was euthenized if anyone wants to read it. i know people do not often go back on the blog and i had some people wondering what happened to her. happy new years everyone.

  • Debra says

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Carol!!!!

    Lynne, thanks for the blog on Big Bambi. She will be missed

  • Curt says

    I went back Lynne, quite touching

  • Penny says

    I went back and read your blog as well, Lynne. Meant to tell you how sorry I was about Bambi when we were talking today at Saints. She was a lucky girl to have you and your husband love her. You’ll miss her terribly, but even at her passing she knew how much you cared.

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