Posted: January 20, 2013 at 9:38 pm

Here are the new dogs

Buddy 2





I have added new photos to the Facebook January album from this weekend.

and I have also created a new album called “Currently residing at SAINTS” and there is a photo of each animal posted there. Check it out, click here

5 Comments on "Photos"

  • suzanne says

    I LOVE the Currently residing album because it gives those of us who live far away a little blurb about each of the SAINTS. thank you!

  • erin says

    jenny, you rock!

  • glenda says

    Just went through the photos, so good to see all the residents at SAINTS! Thank goodness they are at SAINTS. The photo of Buddy 2 horrifies me, how can anyone be so cruel? I know he’ll get the best care at SAINTS. Keep on, keeping on, wish I lived closer so I could volunteer and be more hands on….

  • Helga says

    wow! Thanks, Jenn. ‘Currently at Saints’ is an amazing resource

  • Cathy says

    I also want to add a thanks for the “Currently at Saints’ album. Well done.

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