such a pain in my ass…

Posted: January 26, 2013 at 8:56 am


apparently my sciatic nerve is havng a fit for the past few days and it freaking well hurts.

big sigh..i have already been over to the house this morning to check the trap…no cat. god damn you whiggy, you freaking wing-nut… go into the f&#%’ing trap!

i was gone from here for like half an hour..lots of time for everyone to shit and piss everywhere. and i can see the kitchen/computer room door has again been partially eaten so odie and the boob were door fighting again when i wasn’t here…bad, bad dogs!

four and a half minutes before the warriors arrive..guess i better move my hurtin’ ass. i will get that moronic puppy fed and safely lifejacketed up so he can go eat horse shit out in the barn…fletch really likes that.

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  • michelle says

    I can help at barn bedtime today Carol….see you at 4ish

  • glenda says

    OMG! Took our awesome boy to a farm for a weekend many years ago, he was in the horse pasture, we called him to get him out of there and he had a mouthful of horse shit! My husband was freaked out…..Carol, I just had the biggest laugh about Fletch also liking that delicacy…….took me back to a great memory of our boy…..

  • Dave says

    Hello Carol and everyone at SAINTS. It has been two weeks since my wife and I adopted MYA. Just want to give you all an update as to her adjustment to living with us in the City. MYA thinks she has arrived in dog heaven. She loves it here, has adjusted well and has to be the mellowest, best adjusted, friendliest dog I have ever owned. Such a love suck, always kissing or leaning or demanding a belly rub or quick game of nose soccer.

    Never ever had a thought of bringing her back to SAINTS and now on our two week anniversary I am writing to say that MYA has found her forever home.

    Thank you all for saving this wonderful dog. It is unimaginable that this sweet girl was not wanted. I read this blog daily and so admire the job you guys are doing. Thanks again for the best old girl in the world.


    Dave, Catherine, Deana

  • jamie says

    OMG I have tears running down my face. So very happy for Mya, Dave, Catherine & Deana who are now a complete family!

  • Ann C says

    That’s such wonderful news for Mya, we all love happy endings.

  • Diana says

    Yay Mya!!!!

  • Shawn says

    Such good news! Thank you for giving her the home she deserves!

  • Carol says

    lol…i haven’t given mya a moment of worry over the past couple of weeks..this was her family that was meant to be. thank you for looking for the dog of your dreams in a senior and special needs facility!

    a great dog found her own great home…there is some rightness in this world.

    trial period is officially over.

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