55 years and still moving mountains (of poop) … and oceans (of pee)

Posted: May 1, 2013 at 8:36 pm

Sorry mom, but I am going to embarrass you with a big public happy birthday! You are amazing and I love you.

I love this write up that mission archives did last year when you won the pathfinder award … some of your supporters and friends may like to read alittle bit more about who you are.

 photo 20121006-IMG_9955-22.jpg

I made this photo collage for you too, which shows how important you are to so many people, your human and non-human animal family included.

 photo mommy.jpg

Happy 55 mommy. You have accomplished so much in 55 years! I am so proud of you.

 photo carol3.jpg

11 Comments on "55 years and still moving mountains (of poop) … and oceans (of pee)"

  • Bridget says

    awww! <3

  • CC says

    awwwe! Happy Birthday Carol!

  • Carol says

    jenn..I love you but you’re grounded!

  • Jenn says

    you’ll probably forget all about this by the time I see you next …

  • Carol says

    lol..you might be right..but… maybe I will write myself a note!

  • Penny says

    Awesome, Jenn! Happy B-Day, Carol!

  • Debra says

    Love it! Sooo sweet. Happy birthday Carol from Brazil,

  • Colin says

    I have been reading your posts these past few months with so many tears rolling down my face. My heart was crushed for you.

    Today I read this post and I cried just because of the person you are.

    What an amazing 55 years. Happy Birthday and thank you for doing what you do. You truly are my hero!

  • Shawn says

    Happy birthday to one of the most amazing people I have ever met!

  • erin says

    see? told you you were awesome, lots of ppl think so.

  • Marta says

    Love your post Jenn what a wonderful tribute to your mom..

    Happy Birthday Carol.. i agree you do such wonderful things for humans and animals alike.. the world is a better place with you in it.

    thanks for setting such a great example for us all..

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