Posted: May 9, 2013 at 6:21 pm

nicki is going out on a 2 week trial….with one of our vets. hoping it is a good match, it all depends on how she does without a bunch of other dogs to boss around and keep her amused. nicki really likes bossing…a lot!

max has recovered well from his dental.
zsu zsu is a freaking mess..next day off I am soap/sudsing bathing that cat from head to toe. I really wish she would quit walking thru her food and water bowls!
speaking of tormenting cats…mr greasy (river) needs a head to toe, big time sudsy bath too. he is so greasy cuz we are coating him in surolan..which looks to me to maybe be working (i hope!)

squirt got shaved today..renee is on a shaving dog roll. he once again looks like a little bobble-head…too freaking cute.

I made flaky pillsbury doughboy rolls to go with my homemade soup…mmm-mmm good dinner. I am finally getting the hang of toaster oven cooking…keep it simple, small and something that cooks pretty damn quick.

desi’s appetite is picking up…she really likes those teenie-weenie, looks like an appetizer, 2 bucks a can, specialty foods. I guess I better go buy more for her.

maple ridge bosleys raised over $4000.00 for us during their fundraiser for saints last month. great, great job you guys and thank you so very much. I will pick up the cheque sometime on the weekend and that will keep us going for a little bit more.

I think that is pretty much all of the news.

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  • sheila says

    I picked up the sandwich board and stuff from Bosley’s today. I was absolutely floored at how much they raised.

    I also have the sign that says All proceeds to SAINTS and I left the cash/raffle box at Bosley’s.

  • Penny says

    Fantastic job, Maple Ridge Bosleys!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra says

    Wow, what a great job Bosleys!
    Poor Zsu Zsu, he is always covered in food. Good to hear Nikki is going out on a trial….. 🙂

  • Helga says

    Whenever I see ZsuZsu the first lines of an old Val Doonican (Irish) song run through my mind:
    “Gee you are a mucky kid. Dirty as a dustbin lid”

  • Bunny Horne says

    Way to GO BOSLEY’S MAPLE RIDGE. The in-store display they set up was fantastic. I decided that I would buy my cat food and supplies at that location since she is such a huge supporter of SAINTS.

  • dawn says

    Thank you Bosley’s Maple Ridge!!

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