shep died suddenly this morning

Posted: June 6, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Dionne, erin and renee were with him. I saw him at 7:30 and he was his normal self but when the staff came in at 9 he was down and needed help to get up. renee checked him over, noted his gums were really pale and immediately called the vets. shep died within five minutes. they said it was quick, he did not suffer and they were all with him and he was not alone.

the vet thinks he probably suffered a ruptured aneurysm given the symptoms and how quickly he passed away.
shep was almost 17 and he would have hated a slower more vulnerable ending.

I think shep really liked it here…he liked hanging out at the barn and being spoon fed..and i think he liked that we all really cared about him.

rest in peace shep, you will be greatly missed by many.

and big thanks to the saints staff for helping him during his passing. shep would have been very grateful that you were all with him then.

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  • lynne says

    aw i an so sorry. shep was one of those dogs that was never any trouble and was a little sweetie. did not spend much time with him but i am glad he came to saints and and very glad the girls were with him when he passed. that is how i want to go quickly and peacefully. will miss you rip shep

  • Ali says

    I’m so very glad Shep had the opportunity to live at SAINTS and be the herding barn dog he was meant to be. I will miss tripping over him every 2 mins as he supervises my work. RIP sweet boy.

  • Brent says

    very sad, i will miss him out at the barn.

  • Shawn says

    I am truly at a loss for what to say….Shep was such a kind soul who loved to be spoon fed and get his treats upon returning from the barn. He just knew how to pull on my heart strings from following me around while I cleaned, to looking at me with those big eyes and his white nose while waiting for a treat. You were loved by so many, touched so many, and will be missed Shep. I am so glad I was part of your life. RIP sweetheart

  • Leila says

    I only saw him for a couple a couple months ago but my best guess is that Shep loved living at SAINTS. RIP old guy, you deserve it.

  • Mo says

    A Great old glad we met..RIP Shep

  • Colin says

    So sorry, he seemed like a sweet and special dog

  • Sherry Lynn says

    I am so sad. I was able to have Shep overnight when he was still in Nelson. I didn’t get any sleep at all, but it didn’t matter. He was such a special boy and seemed happy to just be around people who cared. I will always remember him pulling me up the hills and back down again like an energizer bunny that wouldn’t quit. I am so grateful to SAINTS for taking him in and for those who took care of him when he released him to you. It is so comforting that he died surrounded by people who cared instead of cold, freezing, starving, and alone in a backyard. Thank you so much SAINTS (all of you) for what you do!

  • Cheri says

    πŸ™ another one of my favorites, and I only know them from stories and pictures! Can’t imagine being there to know them so dearly.
    RIP sweet dog

  • Rob says

    When Shep was first picked up (and he was literally picked up as he did not have the strength to stand), he had no earthly idea where he was. He was apparently blind and deaf, and he hadn’t eaten in four days. It took some coaxing, but he ate the very first night. I’ll never forget the first time this blind dog looked me straight in the eye and came over to greet me in the morning. I’ll also never forget the first time he licked my face and showed a glimpse of what a sweet, soulful dog he was.

    I am so grateful to Saints for taking him and giving him the love he deserved but did not get earlier in his life – even if he did not have long to appreciate it. A thousand thank yous to all of the passionate and dedicated volunteers. I hope Shep touched you as much as he touched the volunteers in Nelson.

  • Fiona says

    RIP Shep. I was looking forward to seeing you this weekend as you always made me smile. Loved this dog, one of my favorites. πŸ™

  • laura says

    Shep was such a GOOD dog….he had the most soulful eyes.
    Hugs to the Saints staff…..they do such a fabulous job….all the animals and those of us who love Saints are so blessed to have them!

  • AnnC says

    Sweet dreams to a very sweet dog, I will miss you, hugs to you Carol.

  • shelagh f says

    thanks for help in the garden last weekend, Shep.
    You were a NICE dog

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