maybelle was euthanized today

Posted: June 21, 2013 at 11:29 am

she wasn’t eating even with the appetite stimulants and she could no longer get up or walk. our sweet girl laid peacefully in her bed, purring and patient. it was time to let her be free.

rest in peace sweet, sweet, gentle girl…we love you.

 photo 48150408-f3da-439c-a004-e09b6e85079f.jpg

10 Comments on "maybelle was euthanized today"

  • Janet says

    Oh no, I was really really hoping.
    Ok, rest easy sweetheart.

  • Penny says

    Sweet, dear gentle Maybelle. Rest in peace, darling – you deserved so much more in life. But you touched the hearts of so many at Saints and we loved you, and will miss you so much.

  • Mo says

    I didnt know Maybelle at all and for that i am sorry..i held her briefly a couple weeks back and was left feeling incredilby sad..she was so sweet and eager to cuddle up to and reach into your touch..such a sweet sweet girl .RIP wee one..many will miss you and think of you often

  • Ali says

    RIP sweet Maybelle. Such a super little girl

  • Curt says

    Sorry about hearing that, she was a sweet affectionate little curmudgeon

  • Fiona says

    RIP Maybelle, you were such a sweet cat. So sad.

  • CC says

    Such a special and precious soul – I know she’s over that rainbow bridge place enjoying the endless sunshine and having outdoor adventures with no aches pains or human cruelty.

    I love you Maybelle and I’ll see you again someday!

  • Janice ter Borg says

    I just loved Maybelle. Thank you for recognizing that it was her time to go. I know how hard it is.

  • Shawn says

    Poor Maybelle. I loved going into that area and cuddling her. Her snuggles always made me laugh. She was a sweet sweet cat. I will miss you

  • Debra says

    Oh my… This is so sad… as i sit here crying. I was really hoping to see her this weekend .
    She was such a sweet doll. Caitlyn and I will miss her dearly. Caitlyn loved snuggling with her, as I did too. She deserved so much more.
    RIP Maybelle ….. Now your’e with your dear brother, Ollie.

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