the ripples

Posted: October 4, 2013 at 7:39 am

so many hard hits from different directions lately…not just for me but for everybody. it is unsettling, I think we are all looking over our shoulders cringingly wondering…. “what’s next?”

it’s hard because sometimes you just do not see what is coming…sometimes you do catch a fleeting questionable glimpse but hope you were wrong.

this whole hiring process is wearying…I have gotten it wrong, quite a few times before. Sheila was on me last night…quit liking people, quit feeling sorry for people, quit trying to help make other folks lives right. just check the freaking references, pick the best person for saints who meets all of our needs, just do my job.

of course she is right. I hand out chances like candy…not just to the animals but to people too. and while I can list a lot of animals who took those chances and found what they needed…so far my experience with people is not the same.

I don’t think you can be involved in rescue if you need filling up because rescue has a habit of sucking your guts out. I think you need to be an artisian well that just keeps filling yourself up….then you have what you need to help the animals out.

however…I did get it right with erin, Dionne and renee…(even if I did hire renee when she was a babe..i am sure I did not know how young she was but she says I did!) these guys hold me up here..these guys make it possible to get thru every day. these guys I trust implicity with not just our animals, but I trust them completely with saints.

anyway, three honorable, caring, smart, hardworking, effective problem solving, team playing hero’s are not quite enough…I need to find that magical fourth.  and I am so mentally and emotionally out of it lately, not sure I would recognize it if it bit me on the nose. I will find time to sort thru the references checks because Sheila is right..hope boats can do many things besides just float.


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