pepper needs a new home…badly.

Posted: October 21, 2013 at 4:58 pm

on a scale of was mostly like a downscaling to 2 (why do we always feel crappier as the day gets later…I wonder if there is a physiological reason for this.) anyway I am glad I am not at a 1… 1 is close to dead.
I survived mp building bed time but there will be no evening run for the dogs..that would be pushing me too far…I can barely walk more than a few steps without a coughing-gasping fit.

except for some emails, I pretty much did nothing today except watch mindless tv. who gives a shit how much money is made or lost on storage units… but I watched 4 episodes of it.

odie thinks I should feed him…but stupid me totally forget the diabetics this morning so they did not get done until erin remembered at noon. sorry odie wan knollie no dinner for a few hours yet.

pepper got re-booted out of my bedroom over to the computer room. then he got booted out of the computer room over to the big dog room. I would like to shove that little bastard over into the mp room but A. I cannot watch him for dastardly deeds over there and B. because he bites…the main entrance area to visitors is probably not a great place to stick him.
he is a pain in the ass.

anyway..i cannot hang out in my room right now cuz he is sitting barking non stop at the gate..i told him he better shut up before I need to lay down again or I am tossing him out to the shop as soon as I have the strength to carry him there.

6 Comments on "pepper needs a new home…badly."

  • Michelle says

    If need be I can come and move him for u!!! U need rest!

  • Carol says

    lol michelle I would not put that little annoying thing over in the shop by himself..i just like to pretend I am mean.

    I am just missing the door that used to be there that I once could have shut in his noisy face.

    note to myself..i need a new door.

  • shelagh f says

    I think you have just failed Sales 101.

  • Ali says

    Can the little bugger go in a pen in the MP? Or will he drive all the dogs in there bonkers with his barking?

  • Bridget says

    have you been to the doctor’s yet?

  • Michelle says

    Sorry if this is a double post. I have a 3 ‘ door u can have. Would that fit? As well I knew u were kidding about pepper lol. Lil bugger that he is!

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