another day another dollar…not.

Posted: October 24, 2013 at 7:14 am

another not fun day in rescue.

bad night with twisty dogs on IVs needing insulin during the night. bad night with coughing. bad morning of being accused of being a liar and other horrific things because I put the breaks on something that was seriously bogged down way out in left field and getting no where near where I needed to go.

whatever. pissed off people say pissed off is a given in rescue. accept it.

I will be packing angel up and running her back into the vets in a bit. then the plan is to come home and grab the van and get the barn feed run finally done. max-cat is sick..looks like he picked up the same virus that orion and Passat had, he is already caged and on the same meds. Jamie noticed he was ill first thing yesterday morning so we were able to jump on this quick. he already looks much better, he is still eating and drinking so that is good.

I am hoping to slip over to agwest and dump some money down on the bill and that reminds me the vet is coming out to do dental checks on flicka and raven and have a look at chevy and his very pointed horns and discuss what maybe is or is not reasonable to do.

a bunch of cats are going in for vaccine updates this week. I do not really like vaccinating the seniors but considering we have a nasty virus rearing its ugly head in here..i think we better.
I have been talking about gutting the back cat rooms and getting them repainted for more than a year now. we really do need to make this a priority and get it done somehow.

well, this horrible lying person has a bunch of stuff to get done so I better get to it.
shaking my head in rescue… oh what fun…not.

5 Comments on "another day another dollar…not."

  • shelagh f says

    looks like a good possibility of teddy coming this
    afternoon. Will let you know as soon as I know

  • jamie says

    Oh sure Shelagh LOL. I have been waiting forever to meet that handsome boy!

  • shelagh f says

    maybe he knew he had to wait a little bit longer
    till Carol felt well enough. I think Cam has put
    a lot of work into semi organizing this flight for
    about 5 different days. Keep our fingers crossed
    for later today.

  • shelagh f says

    well, just got word, no go for today. Will see
    about tomorrow, If it happens on the weekend, Saturday
    anyway, I am not available for a morning flight, have an all day inservice
    to go to. Will post again tomorrow for updates on
    the mythical Teddy

  • Carol says

    LOL! that dog so does not want to come here, he has to have connections to someone BIG!

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