just a quickie update on daph

Posted: November 5, 2013 at 7:41 pm

today was an exercise in frustration..no obvious tumors, heart looks fine. bottom line..no one knows why she has such a significant problem with a pleural effusion..they drained some fluid off and are sending it to the lab..maybe that will shed some light.

she is most definitely not well and whatever is going on is serious..but i just cannot euthanize yet. she is coping so far with the diuretics and i need to know that there is no hope left before i make a final and forever irreversible decision to end her life.

so… i guess, for now…hope still floats…
love you daph.

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  • Janet says

    What’s next, carol? A wait and see or more tests? Hope you both can sleep well tonight.

  • erin says

    How is angel? Ok to try lunch meat tomm for daph?

  • Colin says

    Thinking of you!

  • Carol says

    I am giving daph a medical break for a few days while we wait for the lab results on the pleural fluid….she is totally pissed off at me over today…will not kiss me, turns her back on me..she is choked!

    angel is ok but bloodsugars still too high..increasing her insulin to 7 units…I will still give. she goes back in next week to repeat.

    KO just brought some homemade doggy meat loaf and sauce for daph..it is in the fridge… (huge thx KO!)..(the cookies are mine..KO’s mom made them for me…thx mom!)

    erin…don’t even try to put her meds in her food…just shove them down her throat to make sure she gets them..she is suspicious of all food now. also she is now on buprenorphine for pain…pre-filled syringes are on the stove…shove them in her mouth too.
    if she does not eat..mix up some soupy AD and force feed with a syringe..the vet said we have to make her eat. one full can at least per day.

    thx mo for picking up angel and daph’s new meds and getting them home!

  • NicoleMcC says

    That’s great it’s non cardiac (sucks there’s still no diagnosis though). Hopefully it turns out to be something treatable!

  • Dionne says

    reminder Carol, Rhonda is coming today.

  • Carol says

    ok..i will leave a cheque in the house for her.

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