granny was euthanized early this evening

Posted: December 6, 2013 at 8:40 pm

she has been doing the ancient kidney cat slow downhill slide and today she hit the final big bump, crashed and stopped eating. I was going to try to bump her up with some fluids and take her into the vet in the morning but when I went to do it, I knew it wasn’t fair. she didn’t need me poking her with needles on her last night on earth. I managed to catch the clinic 5 minutes before they closed and they kindly let me bring her in to pass in peace.
granny was a lovely old cat, she was a little bit feisty and would occasionally smack the other cats almost right up to the end. but mostly she was just a sweet gentle girl who really loved people, her very own bed without any other cats in it…and canned food!
rest in peace granny, we will miss you here.
 photo granny.jpg

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