it was a pretty good day today

Posted: January 18, 2014 at 5:19 pm

everything just ticked along seamlessly…esp. the bedtime routine. I got the barn settled smoothly, then fed/med’d the mp building, got them out for a pee. the big dog room guys had their field run, and the kitchen, bedroom, and computer room frailer dogs all got some grass sniffing, toddering around outside time before it got dark too.

hopefully tonight there will be less poop!

I am pretty tired day starts fairly early and goes steadily onward, one thing after another til finally I hit the bed for the night. I have to say it really helps having a working fridge and stove…so much easier to cook a small family sized meal for one or two days and then have something in the freezer to pull out for the rest of the week. I am eating a lot better lately…real food tastes good!

luna so far has had a great day…only one major mauling of me. I got her out to run off some steam several times today and that seemed to really help. little bob continues to do really well too. both are bonding nicely with me. lola would like to go home but she doesn’t have a home to go to. hopefully this will feel like home to her some soon day. nothing seems to be helping kirk’s diarrhea…I am kind of at a loss with him, the usual meds/tricks/foods are not doing much at all. rosie is slowly settling in..another couple of weeks and she might be ready to find a new home again. salty is perking up well after his surgery. and tedz’s skin infection is well under control.

I think that is pretty much all of the updates. we are now in a holding pattern to consolidate and secure and let everyone settle in and down for awhile and I need to get some predictable solid footing routines again under me too.

we have a pretty good mix of really nice animals right now and the pain in the asses are being managed in ways that make them a little easier to live with too… but man are we ever full!


oh well..i have always believed we help out unhappy animals to our maximum capacity..if we are going to say no and someone may lose their life due to that no..then I want to be sure we couldn’t squeeze or stretch or help that no, otherwise I am party to that very sad death too.


feels good to be at the end of the day, even when max’d right out, and everyone here is doing ok.

I like the good days.

4 Comments on "it was a pretty good day today"

  • Cam says

    so glad to hear TedZ is holding his own!

  • Maryk says

    Hi Carol,

    I’m pretty sure you know this trick, but have you given Kirk canned pumpkin? Not the kind for pies, the other kind. Just a tablespoon or two each meal with his food.

    Just thought I’d pass it on tho’, just in case.

  • Carol says

    we are doing the high fiber thing mary but thx for the suggestion!

  • Brenda Mc says

    I’ve got some pure canned pumpkin I will bring in tomorrow – I’ve used it with my dogs for diahrea too, and it does help.

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