#ThrowbackThursday – Cole’s Song and Pac the Puppy

Posted: March 13, 2014 at 12:06 pm

You’ll recognize this guy. His picture is at the top of the blog. Cole taught us to live life fully, enjoy every day, let go of the past because the tomorrows are worth way more than the yesterdays …. and that one day a crippled old neglected stray can become a wanna be wild dog with a soft bed and couch and a whole family of very good friends. It is a good way to end your life’s journey.

Read Cole’s song – Blog Post from 2010 here http://www.saintsrescue.ca/wordpress/2010/02/08/coles-song/

 photo cole5.jpg
 photo cole.jpg
 photo cole6.jpg

Do you recognize this puppy?

 photo pac.jpg

It’s Pac!
 photo 1800409_710333908989539_355706145_n.jpg

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