brain drain

Posted: March 24, 2014 at 5:58 pm

it was one of those work days where my head worked so hard, I almost popped off my thinking cap!
normally I would say..thank god I am home except I just came home to more stress.

a fellow showed up this afternoon with a skinny, 18 year old dog he wanted to leave here. by talking to him on my cell and getting impressions from the staff who were here..i said ok. I said to put him in the mp entrance way pen and I would figure him out when I got home and so now that I am home I am figuring him out which is never much fun.

I have already seen a bit of food aggression but I have no doubt at all that this dog is hungry. I don’t think he was purposefully starved, I just don’t think he was able to eat for some reason..(competition from other dogs? hard, dry kibble and maybe sore or loose teeth?) he was willing to fight buddy for some of my dinner so that tells me this dog does want to eat somethings.

anyway, he seems like a nice old dog but my gut says he is most likely a bit of a pain in the ass. whatever..eventually I will know all of the in’s and out’s of him and until then we will play it slow and careful til we get there.

his name is oliver..and they called him romeo? he is currently hanging his hat in the computer room while I figure him out. and given that a certain already figured out beagle can be a royal dick over food himself, I sent jake back to the big dog room pen to hang with jesse for now.

with brain drain…one food dick at a time is all I can handle.

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  • lynne says

    welcome oliver hope u turn out to be a good boy and love it at saints. that is a pretty old age to have to go to a new home. hope its not too traumatic for him.

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