the little things

Posted: March 30, 2014 at 6:53 am

the bed buddies are not happy campers. the shaw remote control went thru the wash. there’s no way to turn on the shaw box now so no more lounging in bed and watching tv..i hung out with the computer room guys last night. mo suggested sticking it in a bowl of dry rice, trying it but not hopeful for any results. and this would be why having to have a separate cable box utterly sucks…i liked it when the cable came directly out of the wall and right into the tv…then any universal remote would do.

oh freaking well.

nicole did something to max-cat. she flipped some kind of switch on him for sure. he is following me around and chatting me up like we are best friends…which i guess we now are. he has moved into the computer room to be closer to me.

i woke up with a headache, that sucks…hope it goes away soon.

i am having a really difficult time trying to get tang and morgan to use the new cat door out to the run. it is different than the last one and they do not want to use it. come on you guys…you want to go outside, you have been ragging on me about it for weeks!

princess reminds me of both lexi and esther…super good girl!

i want to thank the barn folks for taking over putting the hay in the pigs houses for me in the morning when they clean. when it is rainy, when i am sick or is so nice not to have to carry their hay thru the gates at night when i am also in a hurry to get thru the bedtime feedings. anyway…thanks so much you guys, it makes barn bedtime a lot easier for me, especially when i am on my own.

it is the small things that can make such a difference in how my day/nights actually go!

14 Comments on "the little things"

  • Carly says

    Shaw should be able to replace your remote for you

  • Barb H says

    My husband spilled a beer on ours. Shaw said it was only about $15 to replace.

  • NicoleMcC says

    Haha. All I did was pet him and pick him up. And tell him he reminded me of the best cat ever (Harvey). Maybe that was all he needed

  • Sheena says

    I have a spare Shaw remote you could have … I have two, and only need one!

  • Cathy says

    Just curious to know that the posts start off with what Carol posts with the sign off as soldier 777. What is that?

  • Renee says

    Carol, can you fast Logan tonight for his neuter tomorrow? Thanks 🙂

  • Carol says

    bunnies don’t fast.

  • Carol says

    i have no idea cathy..i think it is someone’s twitter feed.

  • Carol says

    thx of the volunteers brought a spare shaw one today and it doesn’t work..i think they are specifically keyed to the specific box. such a pain in the neck!

  • Chris T says

    Soldier 777 is a spambot of some sort. Carol – just go in and ban them from commenting and it should fix the problem. If you don’t know how, let me know and I will see if I can figure it out.

  • Mo says

    Today brad was not cooperating with the hay..just before we left we gave them all their hay..and brad promptly pushed it all out and was munching on it outside his stall..bad boy brad..smarten up.

  • Penny says

    I bought a universal remote recently because my old one quit working properly. The new one had to be set up to operate my TV, DVD player and PVR, using a code number. It came with instructions, but was a pain in the **** to do (I’m SO not a techie).

  • Sheryl says

    Call Shaw – I’ll bet they can sort out the problem and get the new remote to work.

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