Posted: June 15, 2014 at 5:29 am

the spectra folks as always were great!! the new pathways are in the dog yard, and a bunch of weeding and yard work got done. i decided to pass on the shop..that really is something we need to do ourselves because there is just so much nit picking sorting to do. it sucked that everyone had to work in the rain but they are such an eager and cheerful and efficient group that the rain did not slow them down in the least.

once again spectra…a great big huge THANK YOU for all that you have done here over the years and for this year too!!!!

we still have a ton of gravel that we need to spread before the open house if anyone has any strong not crippled friends who could move a few wheelbarrow fulls for us in the evenings…many hands and shovels might make lighter work.

it hasn’t been a good night here. shep has started to seizure. he is currently recovery sleeping from his last 5 am seizure. not sure what is up with him but i know that starting to seizure at his advanced age is really not good. he just had bloodwork a few days ago and it all came back with just some minimal changes..most likely this means either a brain tumor or an encephalitis, neither of which is good.

anyway, i am tired and not really into posting but this is all the the current saints news.

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  • Carol A says

    Wow! It sounds like you and yours got tons done…. and you got that rain for your lawn, though possibly more than you really wanted?
    I hope little Sparky heals up quickly and becomes a happy, less nippy puppy now that his pain/discomfort from his eye is addressed. I hope our Maxx is feeling well. Enjoy your Sunday!

  • Mo says

    Yea for Spectra !!!!! What a great group of people.

  • Shawn says

    Huge thank you! Weather was awful but they kept going. Thanks so much spectra

  • Tracy says

    You still need to move some gravel? I can come over tomorrow/Monday after my volunteering/sidewalking at the Equestrian centre – be done there approx. 4pm. I can come up the hill from there.

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