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Posted: August 1, 2014 at 11:17 pm

i will sponsor the 6 remaining un-sponsored (and a couple of more in case we have any new arrivals between now and the gala) so i can post updates again without burying the sponsorship post before everyone was covered.

YAY to everyone out there who sponsored one (OR MORE!) of our guys…good work everyone on ensuring all of the animals at saints are personally represented at the gala this year!!

ok..so the updates…

yvette has given me permission to post daisy (the young visiting TG pyr cross) on our website in the hopes of finding her a great home before she goes back up north. she is young, beautiful, highly intelligent, affectionate and a bit of a handful so she needs a super savy home to help her be the great dog she has the potential to be.

murph the smurf had his surgery…a couple to teeth extractions and that mass taken off near his rectum….we are waiting on the pathology report to see if it is something worrisome.

poor little zues lost a total of 19 teeth…his gums were badly infected too..it is no wonder he has a real fear of something as simple as eating.

toula has recovered enough to come out of the cage and she ate well tonight with the other cats so i think she is over the hump of feeling crappy.

new little 17 yr old poosh (cat from the okanagon vet)is not eating so she was moved over to the house where i can keep a close eye on her this weekend and see if i can get her going on her eating again.

we did some switch arounds out in the barns to accomondate our growing sheep flock so everyone be prepared for some bedtime changes out there.

i think both lola and china are getting close to the end…they are both happy and eating well but i do think their clocks are ticking away now in high speed.

and i think everyone else is doing ok and this brings us back up to date.

and here is the cutie patootie pic of the week~gertie and marin!

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