dawn lost her much loved foster mumford yesterday.

Posted: October 24, 2014 at 6:15 pm

when she took him home almost 2 years ago, i said, he would be dead in a few weeks. mumford had a horrible heart..and yet he had a wonderful heart. it was broken in how it was supposed to work but it was a miracle in how it did work. the last year has been a roller coaster ride for dawn and her lion headed friend…a couple of trips to emergency in the middle of the night, quite a few vet visits with changing the doses on his cardiac meds. dawn told me that mumford was the hit of the dog park…everyone there was totally in love with him. it was partly because he had the absolutely cutest little face, but mostly because a tibetan monk dwelled within him.
mumford was a one of a kind and dawn completely adored him. rest in peace little man, you lived a good life, and your mom is never going to forget you.

thank you dawn for loving another of our old wrecked palliative guys…let me know when you are ready to welcome the next…i am thinking that theya would love you.

12 Comments on "dawn lost her much loved foster mumford yesterday."

  • Helga says

    So sorry to hear this, Dawn. And thanks for giving Mumford a loving home and two years in which he was cherished.

  • Ali says

    Awwww I’m so sorry Dawn. He was a beautiful soul. It was so nice to see him last weekend.

  • yes it was very nice to see him. i am so sorry dawn, he had a great home with you, like all the saints u have taken in the past. rlp mumford

  • Penny says

    So sorry, Dawn. Mumford was a real sweetheart. He was so lucky to have a home with you, and be so well loved. Hugs.

  • shawn says

    Dawn, thank you for what you do, Mumford was so lucky to have found you….

  • Brenda says

    Really sorry Dawn -I remember Mumford (and I love the name). You never know how much time you have together, and he was a lucky boy to have a couple of years with you.

  • laura b says

    Yes, he was a cutey……hugs to you Dawn….thanks for opening up your heart…..I know Mumford added so much to your home!

  • Lenore Henry says

    Thinking of you Dawn…so sorry for your loss.

  • AnnC says

    So sorry Dawn hugs to you…..sweet dreams Mumford.

  • shelagh f says

    so sorry Dawn, my old guy lasted much longer than he was
    supposed to, and though you prepare for it, your heart still
    breaks. you were lucky to have each other for the time you
    had. didn’t really know him, but he was pretty damn cute

  • Mo says

    Hugs to you Dawn…Mumford was very special and you gave him the greatest gift..so sorry for your loss.

    Theya is a true sweetie…if you do take her…you must bring her back to visit too..i luv her

  • Nicolemc says

    So sorry to hear Dawn.

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