good can overcome

Posted: December 28, 2014 at 8:09 am

if I were to take one quote to shape the days of my life it would be.. be part of the solution not the problem.

2014 has been a year full of strife….wars on foreign soils..wars at home.

there is a deterioration in the moral fibre of humanity. we used to blame this disconnect on too much we can blame it on too much internet.

we as a species are always searching for something… and we can find what we need thru living or we can try to find it thru a computer screen.

it is a choice…do we want the real thing or do we want someone elses version of things?

re-posting every person killed by an arab, by a police officer, by a black man, by a pitbull feeds not only into sensationalism and a free for all hating….it instigates a mob mentality. and anyone with any kind of brain knows that mob mentalities are not only grossly misinformed..they are dangerous cliffs leading to moral suicide.

prejudice is not just a racial thing…it is a cultural, societal, religious, authority, have or have not, species thing.

we will get no where posting the horrors of this world…all that does is make people frightened, feel hopeless, helpless, it makes people feel angry or distrustful at someone or at groups of someones…like white people, like people of color, like americans, like arabs, like rich or poor people, like police officers, and since this is a rescue blog…like the bully breeds.

we will get further in societies moral growth by posting about the hero’s, the good things..the goals that others have reached that we can aspire also to reach.

I am not the sum of the horrors of this world…I am the sum of all of the combined good things…and by choices that I make…I can be even better.

every act of kindness and caring, every act of honor and moral responsibility that I read and I see…that is what I aspire to be. but I do not just aspire to read about it…I aspire to live it thru my own daily deeds.

I am but one of many and I believe the good in the many can and will overcome the few who are the enemy as long as I continue to recognise the potential and actual goodness all around me.

and I begin this day with one goal today with kindness, hope and integrity.

and as always…my actions will speak far louder than mere words on this screen.

today I choose to be all the goodness that I have the possibility to be.

5 Comments on "good can overcome"

  • so true carol,i think eventually the goodness in man will overcome the evil. have to believe that when i usually only hear of the horrors in this world i have to have faith that people r starting to see the things that go on around them and r trying to right them.

  • Mo says

    Yea here here…and not just at Christmas time…it bugs me that people get all kind and generous for a month every year…and after that they slip back into the me me me mentality. Three cheers for thoughtful kindness all year long

  • roff says

    So very nicely put, Carol, thank you. As I read it, the idea occurred to me that there was a change in your tone and “voice.” And then I thought of dear Gilbert, rip. He was a great goat and I suspect he would endorse these ideas. Perhaps he did.

  • Penny says

    I’ve always believed that there’s more good in people than not. It’s sad that the media portrays more of the horrific things happening in the world, than the wonderful acts of self-sacrifice and kindness that take place behind the scenes Guess sensationalism sells. We need a media organization that focuses on the positive stuff – I bet it would be popular!!!

  • Brenda says

    Love this post…

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