little molly has passed away..our deepest thx and condolences to Shelagh.

Posted: March 21, 2015 at 11:03 am

i am sad to say i had molly put down yesterday.  her quality of life
was not good, and breathing was a lot of work.  she reminded me of
old pt with copd, who sort of lean over on something to get the best
air entry.  her weight was gowing down and she was looking pretty
tired.  yesterday she looked so pathetic, and she looked at me like
can you do something about this?

thank you for letting me have her.  she was a quiet little dog, unassuming
but a good friend and even though she could hardly breath, she still loved
to walk, she was best walking, go figure.

anyway, Theya is out of sorts, she liked molly, but i don’t think molly knew she
existed.  it will theya a few days to figure out her sort of friend can’t be found.
eventually we will have to take another dog, but i think i am going to look for
one without a heart condition, or maybe as a nurse that is who i am supposed
to take.  all the people we met walking will be sad about molly, she was well
known, everyone asked about her breathing, wheezing and coughing.  they
would always look concerned and were suprised when i would tell them this
was a good day.

the vet was surprised she hadn’t died on her own, at some point, but we had
tried everything and it was the right time.


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