sad news from laura

Posted: April 2, 2015 at 8:50 pm

It is with a very heavy heart I’m letting you know my dear little Suzie passed peacefully snuggled in my arms
close to my heart….she was 19.
I’ve lost many pets over the years but this one has hit me really hard.
Suzie was my only girl, now I’ve just got the 6 boys left. She was the smallest amongst my dogs & cats but Suzie
had the biggest personality.
I remember when Suzie & Chica first came to Saints in 2008. You were not home so I hung with the girls
in your bathroom till you got home. I was endeared to them from that moment……however circumstances
didn’t bring them to my home till 2011.
Sadly Suzie’s sister Chica passed about 1yr later in 2012
Suzie aka “the land shark” spent her last 4 yrs ruling the roost…she was #1 boss…she loved that the big boys
thought she was “bad to the bone”. Murphy was afraid to get off the couch to get a drink if Suzie was awake.
I miss the sound of her nails clicking on the floor as she patrolled her kingdom….stopping to growl if anyone
of the other dogs looked at her wrong.
Even on her last day she had enough spunk to give her nemesis Benny shit for getting to close.
However I knew the the sweet, playful, cuddly side of Suzie Q.
This special girl made me laugh every single day.
Thank you Carol for rescuing her and then letting me steal her from you…
The void is huge….
I love you Suzie and will miss you deeply………

(rest in peace were an incredible dog and I am so glad you got such a very a great home to finish the last years of your life…big hugs to laura and family for such a huge loss.)




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  • Ali says

    Ohhhh suz!!! I’m so sorry Laura. She was hilarious. RIP tiny shark.

  • Erin says

    Oh no! Laura I’m very sorry.

  • Renee says

    I’m so sorry Laura, Suzie was always one of my favourite dogs <3

  • Dionne says

    So sorry Laura

  • AnnC says

    Big hugs Laura……..sweet dreams Suzie, for a small dog you have left a very large space!

  • Mo says

    Thank you Laura for giving Suzie her home and so very sorry for her loss. She was such a character and I bet she is already the boss at the bridge.

  • i am so sorry laura. thankyou for giving her such a great home and your post make me smile as well as cry. she was truly one of the lucky ones. rip suzie

  • Carol Ann says

    So sorry Laura. Suzie was so lucky to be able to live at your home. RIP little Suzie.

  • Leila says

    So wonderful that Suzie went to a home where she was allowed to be who she was and so well loved for it. R.I.P. Suzie and my condolences to you Laura.

  • Brenda says

    19 years old….Wow, I remember Susie well – she had a lot of spunk in that little body…so glad she grabbed your heart Laura and that she was still able to rule the roost till the end…hugs to you, RIP Susie,

  • Debra in Malaysia says

    Rip Suzie. Wow, 19 years a long life, so good to hear. And many happy years at Saints and Laura’s .
    Sorry to hear Laura.
    She reminds me of Joey

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