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Posted: July 10, 2015 at 8:16 pm

little nicky developed an eye ulcer that just kept getting worse. she had surgery on Tuesday to remove the eye and is recovering well.

Harleys blood sugars are out of whack again so she had to cancel her spay surgery. this is really worrisome because recently neutered groot had his way with her when he was initially introduced to her and while the vets think he is throwing blanks due to the neuter…we are not 100% sure. I won’t feel 100% safe until we can finally spay her. we have increased her insulin again and rebooked the surgery…so fingers and toes are crossed she can be spayed REALLY soon.

buffalo bill had to be lightly sedated at the vets to remove his eye sutures. he was being a very good boy but the sutures were super tight and it was hard for him to hold his head still. the vet said he is a really nice dog..a bit younger than we thought…maybe middle aged. just goes to show you that a tough life and substandard care can make them act, feel and look older.

someone nailed coda bear and it turned into an abcess…she went into the vet today to have it drained…I am thinking Robbie or little buddy just because they are the biggest jerks…but I am not sure.

annie appears to be failing again…she has been pretty stable for the past few weeks but is going off her feed again. kevin called the vets and got some more injectable vitamins, suppliments and steroids…we will see if we can bump her back up into feeling better aghain.

sad news…little selena the busy little JRT out in permanent foster care was euthanized today. she suddenly slipped into irreversible cardiac failure. our deepest condolences to her foster mom who is devastated by her loss.

not a day of very good news..hopefully things will improve.


5 Comments on "quick updates"

  • erin says

    Oh no, that’s too bad about Selena, total shocker.

  • Carol A. says

    that’s alot of updates full of ups and downs and curves out of nowhere. i hope coda-bear heels up quickly, she is so tiny. and sending condolances to SSelena’s foster mom, and a big hug.

  • Renee says

    Oh no, not Selena! I adored her 🙁 Hugs to her foster mom <3

  • shelagh f says

    sorry to hear about Selena

  • Brenda says

    I really liked Selena – so very sorry to hear this news
    Hope Coda bear heals up quickly too –

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