wanted adoptive and permanent foster homes.

Posted: November 20, 2015 at 7:45 pm

nothing new…we are overful again, one more dog on the list to come in and that is it for a bit.

the reality is, once we hit saturation, the only way new old desperate wrecked animals get in are when our existing guys find adoptive/foster homes or they reach the end of their lives.

christmas is coming, the weeks before christmas are the biggest dumping time for family pets…too old, too stinky, too dirty, too matted…basically too unattractively problematic to make it into the happy and festive holiday season.

trust me, it’s true.

i like to start into december with at least a few spaces to take in the stinky and smellies..it seems like a fitting holiday gift to give them a safe and care filled place to safely find… these elderly refugees of not pretty enough for happy holiday time.

so i want to push for some adoptive or permanent foster homes for some of our lovelies here. not lowering our standards, still insisting on solid gold and meticulously well matched human/animal homes..just hoping a few “been thinking about it” great folks might take the big plunge and help us open up a few spots here…i know there are going to be some truly desperates in the next few weeks really needing to get into here.

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  • Lynne Brown says

    We are looking for a small older female dog. Because of my partners allergies our best choices are poodle, shih tzu or some sort of cross. We live on the Sunshine Coast have a large fenced yard. There are 2 other dogs 1 male 1 female and they are very friendly

  • Sheila says

    Hi Lynne. I would suggest you go to our adopt page. http://www.saintsrescue.ca/adopt check out our petfinder page and the. Email adopt@saintsrescue if you find a dog that you are interested in.

  • Lindsay says

    We are looking for an adult dog for our family. We have 2 small children ( 1&4) so he/she needs to be good with kids. We have a decent sized fenced backyard and live close to a beautiful walking trail.

  • Carol says

    hi lindsay..go to http://www.saintsrescue.ca/adopt re adoption at saints

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