agnes passed peacefully away tonight.

Posted: December 18, 2016 at 9:41 pm

anne, michelle and i were with her. she had continued to have ongoing multiple small seizures and my real concern was that if her very first seizuring episode was almost 24 straight hours of continuing and almost constant seizure activity despite all of the drugs and the highly expertise medical care..what did that forebode of ongoing problems for her down the road?? i don’t think she could have come out of what she had been thru without some significant brain damage, plus, what was the underlying cause of such stubborn seizure activity? a massive stroke? a tumor? whatever it was still there.

i am ok with my decision to help her to pass onto peace. i loved her, i wanted the best for her and that included not making her continue to suffer even more damage from uncontrolled seizures which showed no sign of abating.

this dog had a larger than life story somewhere behind her and all we knew were a few sparse clues. her tattoo said she was bred in Hungry, and then she was transported to the UK when she was originally sold. how she ended up in Surrey BC, wandering the streets with the most gawd awful skin, and a totally screwed up eye is anyone’s guess.
but what i do know is this…aggie felt safe here…she never wanted to go outside our gates..heck, she rarely even wanted to go out into the front yard. she loved to play and cuddle and feeling totally safe in her little controlled world, her gave her the confidence to feel like she really was a pretty awesome dog. robbie and marin were her very good friends and she loved snoring away on the couch.
the only thing she really did not like here were her frequent medically necessary baths, but even those she tolerated pretty well.

she was a really good dog and all of us loved in peace aggie, you were truly an incredibly special dog.

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