sooo…we gotta problem.

Posted: May 8, 2017 at 7:19 pm

our super efficient and amazing llama whispering llama shearers have retired.
i am having a hard time finding a replacement.

however..kevin our kind and brawny annual sheep shearer says he will give it a shot to shear the 2 llamas..however..if the llama’s don’t want to be sheared…(and i am betting they won’t)
he might need a couple of strong guys to help hold said reluctant llamas who are (literally) attached to their hair!.

soooo…who is up for an adventure??? who is a brave and adventurous soul????
who wants to become our St.llama shearing heroes?????

save a date…Monday May 14th 4 pm!!!

if you are willing and able…PLEASE let me know!

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