God here…

Posted: December 2, 2017 at 2:12 pm

I have been keeping a low profile. The humans said my test was negative, so I guess I failed it but they let me out of that cage anyway. Not all of the cats here are happy go lucky …Whiggy, Fritz, Lovey, Patches and Conan the Barbarian are down right grouchy so I have been staying out of their way! There are a few new cats in but they all look sick, must have been pretty tough out there for them. They opened the door to Angel’s cage (she failed her test with a negative too!) but she said there is no way on God’s green earth that she is coming out (she has seen those grouchy ones too!) But I don’t know what she is talking about since I don’t have any green earth, maybe she is so old that she is confused?. Or…maybe I will get some green earth again one day, life is like that…you never know what is coming your way!
Someone asked me “why black cats are always the last to get adopted from shelters?”
I said it is because people are racist. I know this is true because I saw it on CNN.

I heard there is a door to the outside here but I haven’t found it yet. It is hard to get a good look around while avoiding the grouchy cats. They never all seem to sleep at the very same time. I am going to ask the humans to up that happy go lucky juice to calm them down so I can safely snoop around. There are all kinds of weirdo things happening here (like having to fail a test to get out of a cage!) when I have a chance, I will let you you know what I find.
Roger that.
God out.

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  • Emma B says

    That made me chuckle

  • Silvia says

    Dear God,
    you seem to be a super intelligent cat, so I ask you what is going on
    that I can’t reach those Twolegs (better known as Food Slaves)
    via e-mail. I’m sure you agree that sort of species doesn’t seem to be
    so bright and that’s why I ask you for your almighty advice what to go.

    It happens my underdeveloped Food Slave wants to contact your fan
    office, but her e-mails are bouncing back.

    Please God take matters in your hands. Fourlegs will take over the world.

    Sincerely hopeful
    Sullivan & Max
    Senior Barkers

  • Carol says

    Dear Silvia, I have no idea why you can’t reach my Two Leggers except The Boss here is a technology idiot. She says her staff and volunteers are much better at this than she is but obviously NOT…anyway, I snooped and found her email address cjhine@shaw.ca..try that. Best of Luck!
    God out.

  • Silvia says

    Dear God,
    why don’t you take that whole thing over? That business needs to
    be in cat-able hands eh. paws!!!

    Yours truly
    Sullivan & Max

  • Carol says

    Dear Silvia my CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency) is currently under staffed, so far there is just me and I am busy avoiding the highly intelligent and mobile grouchies during my initial investigations and sadly the rest of the cats seem like passive, cheerful dimwits…maybe some smarter cats will come in soon and join me.
    God out.

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