Posted: November 8, 2019 at 7:16 pm

you know in the movies where the two guys are sitting at a table in a dark and smokey room and BOOM! suddenly the worst bad guy pulls out a knife and slams it into the other guys hand, pinning him to the table?
now i know how much that freaking hurts. except no bad guys were involved…just me being stupid.

so to distract me from the pain, you get a blog..but only one finger typing today…my left hand is out of commission..that other typing finger is on sick leave with his throbbing friends.

the vets were out today to see skye, noni, sofie, chewy and gus..nothing big for any of them..just some minor stuff. we are going to start accupuncture treatments on noni and sofie tho and see how they both do with those.

new blind bunny milly is doing ok..she thumps a lot, probably related to the occasional animal chaos in the house. i can’t wait until her 2 week isolation is over and she can move over to the more peaceful rabbit room.
newbies nora and percy are settling in well. both dogs are super sweet!

we did 2 student vet assistant group tours this week, one for DC and one for VCC. both groups seemed to enjoy the tours.

i am back to work tomorrow..hope my hand stops hurting before then.

ok..my typing finger is getting tired..blogging done and not very successful as hand still hurting. hopefully the advil and tylenol will kick in soon…before i have to go into my bedroom with the moronic” we will bump and hurt your sore hand” crew.

note to self..some lessons in life hurt like hell…so don’t be stupid.

5 Comments on "Ouch."

  • Ali says

    Whereโ€™s the story of how you hurt your hand???

  • erin says

    What did you do?

  • Carol says

    the tab broke off the milk jug so i took a big ass knife, jammed it thru the plastic and stabbed it right into my hand. the story isnt that interesting..it was the imaginary visual of me just about fainting from a knife stabbed into my hand.

  • Barbara says

    I hope you’re up to date with your tetanus vaccine. I did something similar, but it involved an avocado and a paring knife. Must be a pretty common injury, because it’s got a name: avocado hand, lol. Hope your hand feels better soon!

  • Val says

    The avocado hand is a constant struggle for me too Barbara ๐Ÿ˜›

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