Cow Armsicle

Posted: August 15, 2010 at 8:32 pm

Percy thinks he is a large dog rather than a full grown Jersey steer. He loves to lick people’s purses, hair and exposed skin. Wendy , one of the SAINTS weekend warrior volunteers has a great relationship with Percy and she is one of his most favorite people as well as his own personal walking/talking salt lick.

Please enjoy this video that I took on saturday with my new video camera, thanks to my “hubby” for getting it for me for my birthday as it can captures things that my still camera cannot.

3 Comments on "Cow Armsicle"

  • Carol says

    too funny…we are so lucky he is such a sweet, sweet boy…he could literally swallow wendy whole!

  • vadie says

    ok, that was funny.
    but i have to say…i could not do that in a million years…however if percy was a baby calf again i’d have no problem with giving his bottle or teaching him to drink from a bucket.

  • Shannon says

    ooohhh, Percy is the cutest!! Wish I lived close enough to meet him in person:(

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